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A new medical event coverage service now available in Quebec

Press Release

GATINEAU-MONTREAL, August 17, 2020 – A new business dedicated to medical coverage of sports and artistic events is launched for the residents of the Montreal and Outaouais regions. MediServices Plus will offer its services as of Monday, August 24th and will be the first company in Gatineau/Outaouais to offer such a service provided by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. Event organizers, sports/cultural associations and schools will have access to physicians, athletic therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, first aid and first responders.

Thousands of people take part in sports and cultural events every day in Quebecf. These events provide an entertaining and unifying environment in our respective communities across Quebec. In order to ensure a safe environment during these events, such as sports tournaments or music festivals, the presence of medical personnel is necessary. Immediate medical care following an injury or health problem promotes optimal recovery.

"The sports community is often recognized for its risk of injury and access to medical services. However, artists - musicians, dancers, acrobats, etc. - should not be forgotten. Each event, whether sporting or cultural, has its own specific first aid and physical therapy needs. There is a different risk of injury in each area. Athletes and artists, as well as their spectators, deserve a safe environment," explains Ms. Gabrielle Gamelin, Certified athletic therapist and head therapist for various elite sports teams in the Montreal area. Ms. Gamelin notes that first aid and injury prevention are equally important. "Musicians, who are often at risk of chronic injuries, such as teninopathies, can also benefit from medical expertise," she says. "The MediServices Plus team has the experience and resources to ensure appropriate care for participants at these events."

MediServices Plus is accepting new medical event coverage contrats in the Montreal and Outaouais regions, and will offer first and and sports taping workshops. An update of the services offered will be published regularly on their website and social networks.

For more information on the new MediServices Plus and for information on their event coverage, please visit and/or contact their team at

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